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Special Guest
Juhan Lepassaar | ENISA
Maria Catrina | Romanian Parliament
Former State secretary responsible for Digital (Romanian presidency of the EU)
Urmas Paet | European Parliament
Photo d'Urmas Paet, député européen - Estonie
Jekaterina Novikova | European Commi
olicy advisor, head of EIC Task Force 2 – Innovation Ecosystems,  DG Research & Innovation - European Commission
Philippe Vannier | ACN
Philippe Vannier
Chair of Alliance for Digital Trust
Chair of ECSO
Merle Maigre | e-Governance Academy
Valérie Hayer | European Parliament
Valérie Hayer is a Member of the European Parliament part of the French delegation Renaissance. She is the Renew Europe Group’s coordinator in the Committee on Budgets and has been appointed as co-rapporteur on the report on the EU's own resources. As Substitute in the Industry, research and energy Committee, she also works on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.
Reijo Savola | VTT Technical Researc
Reijo Savola is currently working as a Principal Scientist, Cybersecurity, at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

He has experience in cybersecurity, software engineering, telecommunications, multi-technology engineering topics and in digital signal processing. In addition to research experience, he has seven years of industrial experience in telecommunications sector, having worked for Elektrobit Group Plc. in Oulu, Finland and in Redmond, WA, United States. Mr. Savola acts a
Freeke Heijman | QuTech
Director strategic development at QuTech

Special advisor to the Minister on Quantum Technologies
Guillaume Savornin | CNPP
Valéria Faure-Muntian | French Parli
Valéria Faure-Muntian
Member of the French Parliament
Member of the National committee on AI's ethics
Marietje Schaake | Standford Univers
Marietje Schaake is the international policy director of the Cyber Policy Center, where she conducts policy-relevant research focused on cyber policy recommendations for industry and government. In addition to her own research, she represents the center to governments, NGOs, and the technology industry. Schaake also teaches courses on cyber policy from an international perspective, and brings to Stanford leaders from around the world to discuss cyber policy.
Jacques de La Rivière | GATEWATCHER
Jacques de La Rivière | GATEWATCHER
Rayna Stamboliyska | Yes We Hack
Rayna Stamboliyska is the VP Governance and Public Affairs at YesWeHack, a global bug bounty and coordinated disclosure leader. She is a risk management and crisis mitigation expert with a focus on security governance, data protection and compliance. An award-winning author for her most recent book "La face cachée d'Internet" ("The dark side of the Internet", Larousse 2017), Rayna is also an IoT hacker and a staunch proponent of open source, data and science. She has consulted for international
Frédéric Julhes | Airbus Cybersécuri
Frédéric Julhes
Dire leur France d'Airbus Cybersécurité
Secrétaire de l'Alliance pour la Confiance numérique (ACN)
Jean-Michel Mis | French Parliament
Vice-chair of the parliamentary group of studies on Cybersecurity and digital sovereignty

Head of Ministry of Economy's Blockchain Taskforce
Général Didier Tisseyre | COMCYBER
Général Didier Tisseyre, COMCYBER
Crédits : Anthony Thomas-Trophime / DICOD
Fabien Caparros | ANSSI
Fabien Caparros is the head of the division in charge of digital security management methods at the French national authority ANSSI
Aroua Biri | FR CYBER
Guillaume Vitse | CNPP Cybersecurity
Guillaume Vitse | CNPP Cybersecurity
Josef Schroefl | Hybrid CoE
Josef Schroefl, born 1962, started his career in the Austrian Armed Forces in 1982 and worked since that in various areas of the military, including several UN-tours within UNDOF to Syria. Since 2006 he served in the Austrian MoD heading: “Comprehensive Approach”, “Hybrid threats” and “Cyber Security/Cyber Defence”.
He holds a M.A. in Intern. Relations from University of Delaware/US and a PhD in Intern.
Éric Bothorel | French Parliament
Co-chair of the parliamentary group of studies on Artificial Intelligence

Member of the committee for Economic affairs

Member of Parliament
Arthur Bataille | SILICOM
Lt-Col Luis António Carvalho | MoD
Fenitra Ravelomanantsoa | Google
Pierre-Alain Raphan | French Parliam
Pierre-Alain Raphan
French Member of Parliament
Vice-chair of the group of studies on e-democracy
Amiral Arnaud Coustillière | Ministry of the Armed Forces
Sébastien Garnault | Paris Cyber Wee
Sébastien Garnault
Founder of CyberTaskForce
Founder of Paris Cyber Week
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